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Riddell Speed Football Helmet Black
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Helma Riddell Revolution Speed. Uvedená cena je bez facemasky. Facemasku je nutno zakoupit zvlášť. Helma je dodávána s úchyty na obličejovou masku a měkkou bradou Riddell.

Specially designed and configured for adult, pro, college, and varsity players, the Riddell Revolution Speed helmet is built tough, and is performance-ready. Its superior balance and aggressive Revo speed shell profile keep you light on your feet for fast, aerodynamic movements, so you can stay one step ahead of the line. And as for protection, there's nothing safer than an advanced Riddell football helmet. Its durable, exclusive polycarbonate shell encases your head in strong, impact-absorbing, and lightweight material, protecting you and keeping your head on a swivel, so you can rise above the competition. With a focus on reducing and managing impact energy to the side of the head and face, Riddell has included the new inflatable S-Pad jaw pads, designed to diffuse this impact energy and protect these areas.

  • Quick Release Face Guard System: Get instant access for your face and mouth with this reusable face mask attachment system that cuts face mask removal time in half, compared with conventional cage attachment designs.
  • S-Pad Inflatable: S-Pad jaw pads are designed to provide the same protection to your jaw that parts of the helmet liner provide to your head. Made of energy management materials, these inflatable jaw pads effectively diffuse impact energy from the side of the head and face.
  • Inflatable Liner: This adjustable liner delivers outstanding comfort and a secure fit to your head, especially in the back/neck/side, crown, and mandible areas of the helmet. *Jaw Pads and Liner require a Riddell Football Helmet Inflator Pump to inflate, for maximum protection and comfort. When inflating liners and pads, be sure to use Glycerin to adequately lubricate inflation needle After needle and valve are lubricated, insert the needle with a careful twisting motion Do NOT use an inflation needle other than those specially designed for Riddell helmets. These needles are the correct length, and should not puncture the liners if properly used WARNING: Product cannot be returned or exchanged if liner is damaged or punctured due to improper inflation or needle use
  • Overliner: This advanced helmet overliner delivers superior comfort and performance moisture wicking, keeping your head clear, dry, and comfortable all game long. An anti-microbial treatment fights odor causing bacteria for a fresh helmet every game. For even more freshness, easily remove the overliner for periodic cleaning or laundering.
  • Built-in T-Nut Wrench: Easily remove screws without a wrench or pliers with T-Nut stops molded right into the helmet shell.
  • Specially designed for adult, pro, college, and varsity players
  • Aggressive Revo Speed shell profile
  • Standard or inflatable S-Pads
  • Exclusive polycarbonate shell 5-year shell warranty
  • Oversized ventilation holes for extreme detailing and improved breathability "No Rust" stainless steel hardware
  • Push-in valve retainers and plugs
  • Mid high hook-up soft cup chin strap included
  • Fits all S-Bar face masks
  • Inflation required

Riddell Speed Football Helmet Black

Katalog. číslo:R41190-01
Hmotnost položky:2.2 kg
Běžná cena v obchodech: 9150 CZK vč. DPH
Naše cena: 6750 CZK vč. DPH
Ušetříte: 2400 CZK

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