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Gilman Gear Roll Tackle Ring 60"
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The Roll Tackle Ring is a foam filled ring! It rolls easily without tipping. Give tacklers a moving target. Takes the head out of tackling. Promotes "heads-up" tackling. Makes shoulder tackling a habit. Teaches a tackler to "shoot the arms" with the head, eyes and chin up! Leg Drive and upper body leverage is needed to roll it over. Use it to teach footwork, balance, leverage and the placement of the head and arms. Great for angle tackling and backpedal break drills. Great for offseason conditioning workouts!

Available in five sizes (height):
  • 60" / 52" / 48" / 45" and 42" (inches)

The 45" and 42" roll tackle rings are Suited for the needs of younger football players. For kids aged 11 to 13 years old, we offer the 45” Ring, because the overall height is lower, the donut hole is located right where a youngster’s waist or hips are located. For kids aged 8 to 10 years old, we offer the 42” Ring. When teaching young kids to tackle, it’s critically important to have “user friendly” tools that are completely safe and have no impact on the player. The Ring is colorful and looks like “fun” to play with. It’s naturally attractive to a youngster. There are no intimidating metal parts. The Ring is filled with soft foam and provides a cushion when a player lands on top of it. The movement of the Ring teaches a player to track a ball carrier and breakdown at the point of contact. The donut hole promotes a good arm clamp. The Ring can be knocked to the ground with good hip extension and leg drive. The player learns to keep his head up and out of the tackle. The Roll Tackle Ring creates good habits and sound tackling techniques. 
“The coaching point is heads up tackling!”

Gilman Gear Roll Tackle Ring 60" Height

Výrobce:Gilman Gear
Katalog. číslo:TR-60 ROLL1
Hmotnost položky:15 kg
Běžná cena v obchodech: 13780 CZK vč. DPH
Naše cena: 10590 CZK vč. DPH
Ušetříte: 3190 CZK


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