Douglas sind die am weitesten verbreiteten in allen NFL- und NCAA-Teams. Die meisten Modelle, die Spieler tragen, sind SP- und CP-Serien.

Douglas Custom Pro Series

The Douglas Custom Pro (CP) is the choice of many professional, college, and high school programs. That’s no surprise because our CP pads offer numerous shell designs for each position, so players get the pad that best suits their style of play. What’s more, every pad in the CP series is available in a flat design to accommodate players who prefer a low-profile fit. When additional shoulder protection is desired, a thicker main body cushion is available on any CP Pad. The CP series is Douglas’ finest. Every CP pad is designed to the individual player’s specification. So, when you choose our Custom Pro  Series, you can count on a pad that enhances your performance, increases mobility, and helps prevent fatigue.