Gilman Gear Comeback Pop-Up Dummy

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Gilman Gear


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Gilman Gear Comeback Pop-Up Dummy Royal Blue Auf Lager 890 €
Gilman Gear Comeback Pop-Up Dummy Scarlet Auf Lager 890 €

The COMEBACK is a medium pop-up. Ideal for teaching Receivers escape moves againspress coverage. Measures 65" tall

The top is light foam. The bottom is weighted. Zip them together and you’re ready to go. Use the Comeback for pass rush drills, kick-out blocks and tackling. Ideal for teaching wide receivers escape moves against corners playing press coverage. Measures 65" tall. Four handles.

  • Cover: 18 oz. vinyl-coated polyester
  • Bottom: 22 oz. vinyl-coated polyester
  • Colors: Red or Blue
  • Core: Solid polyether foam
  • Weight: 105 lbs.

ACCESSORIESThe ATTACHABLE ARMS fasten to pop-up. The arms create the look of a blocker in a pass set. Arms are stationary and stick straight out. Each arm measures 6" diameter by 19" long.