Douglas SP 24SW Flat

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Size Verfügbarkeit Preis  Menge
Douglas SP 24SW Flat XSmall 16-17" Auf Lager 529 €
Douglas SP 24SW Flat Small 17-18" Auf Lager 529 €
Douglas SP 24SW Flat Medium 18-19" Auf Lager 529 €
Douglas SP 24SW Flat Large 19-20" Auf Lager 529 €
Douglas SP 24SW Flat XLarge 20-21" Auf Lager 529 €

For: Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Running Backs, Defensive Backs, Outside Linebackers.

About the SP 24SW Flat. Another great low profile Flat shoulder pad for multi positions. Was designed to offer maximum range of motion and flexibility without giving up the protection. Its cut-away arch design, super shaved SC-18 flaps, and reverse cups make this shoulder pad the most streamlined and most lightweight design on the market. Weight is approximately 4.2 lbs.

  • The wider neck allows a greater field of vision.
  • Flat design gives a low-profile fit to enhance performance, increase arm mobility
  • Extra Wide neck helps with mobility and range of motion
  • Air Management system uses the open cell foam of the shoulder pad and utilizes thousands of air cells to disperse the impact of energy to a wide area for less shock to the body
  • Through 100% urethane open cell foam covered by lightweight nylon, this pad succeeds at reducing pad weight while providing extra protection
  • Uses top shock absorbing flat pads, plastic load spreaders, and energy dispersing enclosed open cell foam to protect you from high and low velocity impacts on the field
  • The SP series is built the same as the CP line, but simply comes in the standard colors
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs