Kopfscanning für Riddell Axiom - 1 player

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Buchen Sie einen Kopfscan-Termin für Riddell Axiom Mehr

Use to order a 3D scan of your head for the TRU-FIT system

How to order a 3D Verifyt scan for the Riddell Axiom:

  • Fill in all the required information
  • Enter the exact date of your arrival and estimated time.
  • Submit the order and pay the refundable deposit.
  • If you do not show up, the deposit is non-refundable and you need to change the date of the order via email.
  • The deposit is refunded immediately after ordering and paying for your Riddell Axiom helmet.
  • Performing the scan is not conditioned by immediate order of the Riddell Axiom helmet.
  • Scan data can be used up to 1 year after scanning, after this time period, they are deleted from the database.

How ordering Axiom works:

  • The Riddell Axiom helmet is custom built on the basis of a 3D scan of the player’s head. This is the reason why the helmet cannot be returned or exchanged. The helmet takes approximately 4-5 weeks to be manufactured. The production will commence after we receive the payment and scan your head using the Riddell Verifyt™ app. The order cannot be canceled, refunded, changed or edited in any way after submitting the player’s 3D scan to the factory. Please note that the delivery time shown may vary depending on the current production capacity at the Riddell facility.
  • The finished Riddell Axiom helmet has the player’s name on it. Once you receive your new Axiom helmet, the memory foam interior will continue to mold to the shape of your head. In practice, this means that the first impression after putting on the helmet is not the end result of the process of perfect adaptation to your head.
  • The Riddell Axiom is equipped with the "InSite" system in its standard configuration, which is capable of using built-in sensors to monitor the number, force and angle of individual impacts to player’s head. The system, using the built-in bluetooth system, can transmit the player data to the Riddell database, where they can be compared and analyzed.

  • The fit and feel of Precision-Fit - without dedicating the helmet to an individual player. The liner system can be reconfigured to fit a different player as a program’s roster evolves. Personalized fit is achieved by analyzing a 3D image of an athlete’s head collected with Riddell’s Head Scanning app powered by Verifyt™. Each helmet is built with a custom combination of interior liner pads that work together to create a personalized fit and protection system. No Fitting Foams. No Air Adjustments.
How it's done: 
  1. ACQUIRE HEAD SCAN - The 3D scanning technology developed for Precision-Fit helmets captures surfaces accurate up to 0.5 mm. The Riddell Head Scanning app powered by Verifyt™ is easy to download and use for iOS and Android devices from your app store.
  2. FIT ANALYSIS - Riddell's proprietary fit algorithm analyzes thousands of data points from the head scan to select shell size and energy management components to generate a unique, individualized build configuration.
  3. INDIVIDUALIZED BUILD - In Riddell's facility in North Ridgeville, Ohio, each helmet is built by combining the team's design specifications, individual player preferences, and unique build configuration. The  helmet is labeled with the player's name to complete the personalization process.