Riddell Phenom SK

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Riddell Phenom SK Small 17-18" Auf Lager 209,90 €
Riddell Phenom SK Medium 18-19" Auf Lager 209,90 €
Riddell Phenom SK Large 19-20" Auf Lager 209,90 €
Riddell Phenom SK XLarge 20-21" Auf Lager 209,90 €
Riddell Phenom SK 2XLarge 21-22" Nicht verfügbar
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209,90 €

PHENOM SK - Recommended Positions: Skilled Positions

Flat Pad Design:
  • Shoulder pad design that sits low across the player’s shoulder, minimizing interference with the rotational range of the helmet. Rigid belts route forces away from the point of impact by converting the entire arch into a large-scale, shock absorbing system.
Air Management Liner System:
  • Shoulder pad liner construction that attenuates impact energy on a cushion of air within semi-sealed chambers. Energy dispersion occurs through spreading the impact forces within a large volume of air slowly released from the liner at a controlled rate.
Removable/Adjustable Bodies:
  • Ability to shift pads to meet player’s preference.
Back Plate Included