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Casco Riddell SpeedFlex with Insite
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InSite version of SpeedFlex - How InSite Training Tool Works (ITT):
  • SMARTER HELMET TECHNOLOGY: Integrated head impact sensors monitor and record nearly every head impact that occurs.
  • IMPACT: An impact occurs and the Player Unit five-zone sensor pad quantifies it.
  • ANALYZE: The instrumented helmet evaluates whether the hit is above the threshold levels and collects Head Impact Exposure (HIE) data.
  • TRANSMIT & ALERT: If an impact or sequence of impacts exceeds a predetermined threshold, an alert is transmitted from the Player Unit and displayed on the Alert Monitor in real time.
  • ACT: The team staff utilizes actionable information during practices and games.
  • COLLECT: ITT builds interactive player impact profiles on a web-based platform.
  • EVALUATE: Utilize actionable information during practices and games.
Helmet Features:
  • Tecnologia Flex include flex shell, maschere e cerniera clip regolabile
  • System - Curva Liner consiste in nuova imbottitura 3D che si adatta meglio alla testa
  • Viti & Cap Liner facilmente e positivamente fissati alla calotta del casco ed agli interni
  • Funzioni Streamline design , mascherine e cerniera clip a basso ingombro
  • Brevettato impact protection laterale riduce le forze di impatti laterali
  • Overliner offre comfort e stabilità
  • Occipital Liner culla la parte posteriore della testa per una migliore vestibilità e stabilità
  • All Points Quick Release System
  • System Ratchet-Loc Sottogola migliora la ritenzione del casco
  • Strap - Loc
  • Patented Side Impact Protection (PISP) helps reduce force from side impacts
  • The SpeedFlex System is flexibility engineering into the shell, facemask and clip to reduce impact force
  • Composite Energy Management keeps the strategically placed padding inside the helmet in place during games and practices
  • All-points quick release makes attaching and detaching facemasks easy
  • Ratchet-Loc retention system is an easier way to adjust your chinstrap on the fly
  • Inflatable custom fit liner and jaw pads help provide a perfect fit
  • NOTE: all inflatable jaw pads require a Riddell Football Helmet Inflator Pump to inflate, and Glycerin to adequately lubricate inflation needle After needle and valve are lubricated, insert the needle with a careful twisting motion
  • Do NOT use an inflation needle other than those specially designed for Riddell helmets. These needles are the correct length, and should not puncture the liners if properly used. Product cannot be returned or exchanged if liner is damaged or punctured due to improper inflation or needle use
  • A flexible liner designed for various head shapes provides comfort and stability
  • Removable moisture-resistant liner cover
  • Weight: 3.45 lbs
  • Shell Type: Polycarbonate
  • Pad Type: Foam padding with overliner
  • Inflatable: Yes
  • Compatible Facemasks: Riddell SpeedFlex Facemasks (SF series or HS4)
  • Facemask and Alert monitor NOT INCLUDED with Helmet - SOLD SEPARATELY


Casco Riddell SpeedFlex with Insite

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Facemask Attachment

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