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Douglas JP 34 Junior Shoulder Pads
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Douglas is proud to introduce the all new Junior Pro 34.

After many hours of research and analysis of the youth junior market and shoulder pads in general, Douglas has designed the ultimate shoulder pad to let your player develop into and up and coming star.                   This pad is designed with the same Air-Management technology that Douglas uses to protect our Pro and Collegiate players. With our new streamlined design, this lightweight pad is perfect for your player.            

  • The JP 34 features a lowered cantilever to sit closer to the body and absorb those big hits.
  • Flat pads with belts are a "no no" in our book for players under 15, as these players have not developed enough to properly wear a flat pad.
  • With our low-profile cantilever pad with elastic straps, your player will have maximum protection on the field.

Douglas JP 34 Junior Shoulder Pads

N. di catalogo:JP34
Quantità della voce:1.6 kg
Nostro prezzo: 119.00 €

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