Riddell launches AXIOM football helmet platform designed with new protection and performance technologies.

World's leading helmet manufacturer achieves a key milestone on its Innovation Roadmap by providing its most advanced offering to-date - a comprehensive head protection system for athletes of all levels

Riddell, the world's leading helmet manufacturer, officially announced the most advanced innovation in modern football helmet technology: Riddell Axiom™. The new helmet system is the result of Riddell's commitment to improving athlete protection and performance – combining insights from millions of data points collected with Riddell's smart helmet technology. Feedback from players, coaches and equipment managers has helped create a comfortable and personalized helmet designed to improve impact response and reduce Head Impact Exposure (HIE). Axiom includes a new fitting system, redesigned helmet shell platform with a new energy management system, reimagined frontal protection and integrated smart helmet technology.

"The Riddell Axiom introduces new technologies that will fundamentally change what the football community expects in a helmet, making this launch an exciting moment for our company, but also for athletes across all playing levels," said Dan Arment, President and CEO of Riddell. "We communicated our plans to advance the state-of-the-art in football helmet technology as represented on Riddell's Innovation Roadmap. Reaching this development milestone is rewarding and will benefit the football community for years to come."