Wilson NFL Dallas Cowboys

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Tento typ sběratelského míče slouží jako suvenýr. Použitím na hřišti nebo při hře se výrazně snižuje jeho životnost. 

Velikost: Junior Size

The NFL Team Tailgate football features a rubber composite cover and double laces for consistent grip and durability. Designed for ages 9 and up, the NFL Team Tailgate ball features your favorite team's logo in designs spread across all 4 panels with quality tack grip to help the ball fly off your fingertips.


  • SEWN CONSTRUCTION: The rubber cover allows for extended durability, performing through all weather conditions.
  • STAYS INFLATED: A butyl rubber bladder provides excellent long-term air retention to keep your ball from going flat.
  • IMPROVED GRIP: A tacky pebbling on the cover’s surface provides enhanced grip in all weather conditions.
  • JUNIOR SIZE: Built in an ideal size to fit the 9-12 year-old age range
Velikost Junior - Věk 9-12