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Fisher 5-Man Big Boomer Football Sled w.Man Pad
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Fisher The Big Boomer sled has been around since 1998. The original design of a fundemantal tool for drive blocking. The Big Boomer allows for adjustments at three different points - Pad Height, Pad Angle, and Resistance.Customize it to fit your needs.

  • Individual components allow stations to be added as the need arises. Basic sleds can start with 2 man capability and expanded as you desire. A 5 man sled can be easily broken to a 2 and a 3 man sled.

Blocking units:

  • Adjust spring tension, pad height and angle. Each individual blocking unit is made up of "pigs" and pads. The "pig" is constructed with a high strenght and durability. The "pig" attaches to the steel chassis and is fully adjustable. Our exclusive spring tension adjustment is integral part of each "pig". The pad fits onto the "pig" and is fully adjustable.

Man Pad construction:
  • Each boomer sled pads core is built from high density, 100lb., impact resistant foam. Durable, 18 oz. vinyl covers are then double and triple stitched to withstand harsh weather and years of hard use.

Fisher 5-Man Big Boomer Football Sled w.Man Pad

Производитель:Fisher Athletic
Каталог. номер:9005M
Вес товара:570 kg
Наша цена: 5,300.00 $
Доступность:товара нет на складе
Срок поставки: 21 - 40 дней


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